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Do you need secure access to your pool area?

Are you set for residents to swim at your private pool and meet at the clubhouse with card or code access?


Easy to Use

Convenience Is Not Compromised

Whether access is granted by fingerprint, pin code or the common card, complete control is provided over who comes in which doors or pool gate and/ or at what dates & times. Safety is never compromised. 

Administrator Ease

Don't get caught up in daunting access tasks

Aerobic Class in Pool

Employee Ease

Employees will no longer have to patrol the entrance / exit of a pool gate or clubhouse to prevent unauthorized use. Setting up a members access rights is also an easy task. Set up is done either straight from the unit itself or from your computer. Is it easier to just use your phone - no problem! Log in straight from a phone. Employees will now have more time for other tasks.

Quick Management

Administrators and office managers can easily deny access to members that have not paid their dues. Convenient reminders can also be placed on the access control units’ display screens to remind members of upcoming meetings or payment dues. 


Booking clubhouse parties has never been easier

Event access doesn't have to be time consuming and hard to manage. Give access to the clubhouse during times that you set. Allow only certain members with card access for private events. A club manager no longer has to be present for late or early morning events. 

Pool Gate Access Control.png
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